These are the questions we get asked the most. These are also some of the questions you should ask any project before buying an NFT from them.

Who's the dev?

The creator/artist, aka Karmelo, has over 20 years of UI design, UX, branding, and illustration experience. Tired of the toxic culture of his 9 to 5, Karmelo ventured into the world of NFTs as way to channel his creative energy into building a brand with a more welcoming community.

Why isn't Karmelo doxxed?

Karmelo has a family and the internet is filled with undesirables. Not you though, you’re awesome. This may change in the future depending on how the project performs.

Is/was there a whitelist?

The Karmeleons stealth-dropped in December 2021 without any unnecessary hoops to jump through and a transparent roadmap. Anyone can mint if they want.

Instant reveal is cool, but is your metadata secure?

An intermediate sniper-proof API method that keeps unminted NFT metadata secure but still allows new mints to instant reveal has been implemented to thwart snipers. GL mfers.

What’s the utility of Karmeleons?

The focus is on art and comnmunity as the primary utility. Future utility will be unveiled as the project grows and the community will help influence the direction. Post-mint the Karmeleons will be planting 3,333 trees to help offset our carbon footprint. Holders have access to exclusive NFT drops, merch and dope vibes.

Who audited your custom smart contract?

The contract is based off of HashLips' basic smart contract using the ERC-721 token standard, which has been successfully used/reused by thousands of projects. Audits for other contracts have been audited by other devs in the space.

Does your smart contract optimize gas?

The Karmeleons contract does not, but Karmz and Gutterz contracts do take advantage of gas saving features.

Where is the money going?

This is an art-first project. Karmelo created it to sell his art and quit his day job, allowing him to work full-time on NFTs while supporting his family. The rest will be used to fund roadmap updates as they unfold, work with vendors and reinvest back into NFT projects with similar vibes. Substantial secondary revenue opens up the possibility to officially add people to the team and explore more environmental impact initiatives.

Will the Karmeleons go up in value?

We’re here to spread vibes, not gamble or talk moon missions. Buy NFTs because you dig the art. If supply and demand take over and value increases, that’s dope too.

How do I get a 1/1 Karmeleons Original?

Karmeleons Originals are custom-made for professional sports athletes, celebrities, and musicians. From time to time they are auctioned off or given away. If you fit in one of the above categories and want your own custom, give Karmelo a shout on twitter.

What are Karmz, and how do I mint one?

Karmz is a brand derivative collection of 3333 NFTs that is free to mint (+gas) for all holders. Every Karmeleon can mint 1 free Karmz. To claim or check if a Karmeleon is eligible to mint a free Karmz, head over to the Karmz mint site.

What are Gutterz, and how do I get one?

Gutterz is an entire NFT collection dropped to OG Gutter Cat Gang holders as a tribute to their support of the Karmeleons. The mint sold out in 15 hours, but you can still snag one here.

Gutterz Species 2 was dropped to Karmeleons and Gutterz holders with a dual-species twist. The mint sold out in 5 hours, but you can still snag a dog (or a frog!) here.

What ownership rights do I get with my Karmeleon?

Karmeleons holders receive 100% commercial rights to their NFT. For more details, check out the project terms.

Does the project use a custom smart contract?

Absolutely. Here are the custom contracts for all our collections:

Can I mint a Karmeleon?

Hell yes you can. You’ll need to purchase some Ethereum from an exchange and send it your MetaMask wallet. Then you can mint your Karmeleons at https://mint.karmeleons.xyz.

Do you work with NFT promoters?


How do I get in touch with the team?

Someone from the krew is always available. Hit us up on twitter or discord.