Join the KREW

A cold-blooded web3 lifestyle brand focused on art, community & karma.

Welcome to Karma City, the exclusive club where your NFT doubles as your membership token to the Karma Krew. Holding a Karmeleon gives you access to future drops, 100% commercial rights and dope vibes.

Karmeleons NFT


Your key to the Karmeleons ecosystem

Each .07Ξ mint from the genesis collection of 3,333 NFTs plants a tree and unlocks a free Karmz NFT.

Karmz NFT


Holders-exclusive free mint

Every Karmeleon can claim a free (+gas) Karmz NFT. These wily mfers can only be released by holders.

Gutterz NFT


Art is utility

The creator of Karmeleons dropped an entire 3,000 supply NFT tribute collection free to the Gutter Cat Gang community.

The only way you can snag one of these dope cats now is on secondary.

Gutterz: Series 2 NFT

Gutterz: Species 2

A sequel with a twist

A Karmeleons/Gutterz holder-only drop, this 1,000 supply multi-species NFT collection minted out in 5hrs.

Find these dope dogz (and rare frogz!) on secondary.

Karmz Ordinals

Karmz Ordinals

Transcending all chains

Once ETH maxis, a small group of Karmz stumbled upon some strange glowing substance in a sus alley in Karma City and found themselves in an alternate BTC karmic reality.

This historic, extremely limited edition drop of 111 Karmz Ordinals on Bitcoin were given to elite genesis holders. Sounds like karma.

The Story

The year is 3333. Humankind has vanished.

Karma City

Reptiles appear to be the new sole inhabitants of earth. An abandoned city, aka Karma City, fueled by a mysterious karmic power source sustained only by good vibes has been claimed by a group of chill lizards known as the Karmeleons, hellbent on looking fly and paying it forward.

The Karmeleons are fascinated with our legacy but they''e much more intelligent. They may be obsessed with looking fashionable but make no mistake: they are laser-focused on protecting what's left of the earth and giving back to their community, unlike their warm-blooded predecessors.

Karmz Island

While cruising down the coast outside Karma City, the KCMC's Elder Legend sensed a familiar energy emanating from beyond the horizon. Curious, the Krew's senior scientists examined their city's Karmic Crystal only to discover pieces missing! Where might these shards be?

Krew leaders boarded abandoned party yachts to embark on a mission to find the source of this new energy. They stumbled on a small island inhabited by a strange yet familiar cold-blooded species called the Karmz who possessed several of the missing karmic crystal shards. As the two krews vibed together, some of the Karmz's skin began to glow and shimmer, signaling a legendary karmic connection.

Signs of Life

With multiple shards still missing, the existence of other life forms seemed inevitable. What other species lie beyond the borders of Karma City? The Karmeleons and their new best bros the Karmz teamed up to begin the search for more cold-blooded (or possibly warm-blooded?) frens, pledging to help restore the planet along the way…

The Karmeleons have been grinding since December 2021 to build an exclusive, organic and welcoming community focused on art as a utility.

Genesis Drop

3,333 Karmeleons NFTs dropped in December '21 on the Ethereum blockchain. Made up of 140+ hand-drawn traits and drawn at a staggering 4000px by 4000px (41" x 41"), holders own 100% commercial rights to their Karmeleon and gain access to the entire Karmeleons ecosystem.

Giving Back

For each Karmeleon minted we'll plant a tree with One Tree Planted. Karmeleons is currently a carbon neutral ETH project and has planted over 2,000 trees worldwide. Ongoing tree-planting and eco initiatives will be determined as the project matures.


Karmeleons Artdrops launched on a custom ERC-1155 contract featuring NFT artist collabs that were airdropped to active Karmeleons holders. Collaborating artists gained exposure to the Karmeleons community while holders were dropped dope art.

Karmz Free Mint

When you mint a Karmeleon, you can immediately claim a second free NFT! Karmz is an exclusive brand derivative collection made up of 3,333 NFTs that only holders can unlock. Claim your Karmz or check if your Karmeleon can claim a free Karmz here.

Rarity Tools

Rarity tools listing submitted for the Karmeleons genesis collection, allowing you to drill down and explore rarities and traits on a granular level. Where do your lizards rank?

Gutterz Drop

Karmelo (creator/artist of the Karmeleons) dropped an entire 3k supply tribute collection in the style of Karmz as a free NFT mint for OG Gutter Cat Gang holders as a 'thank you' for their support of the Karmeleons genesis. The collection minted out in ~15hrs but you can still snag a dope cat on secondary.

Karmz Designer Figurine NFT Drop

Working with IsmToys, an extremely limited edition 6" Karmz designer figurine is currently in development. More info soon…

Gutterz: Species 2 Drop

The sold out sequel to Gutterz, this 1,000 supply, dual-species NFT drop was a free mint for Karmeleons holders who also held a Gutterz. Find 'em on the secondary.

Web3 Merch

The search for quality brand merch offerings is yielding some amazing merch featuring art and traits pulled from your favorite lizards. The first Karmeleons capsule is now available.

The Lounge

Earn $KRMA, our off-chain token, just for holding a Karmeleon, Karmz or Gutterz. Hold more, do more, earn more. Exchange $KRMA for NFTs, 1/1 art, physical merch, store coupons and more. The holders-only exclusive Lounge is now open.

Karmz BTC Ordinals Drop

We inscribed 111 shiny af Karmz on Bitcoin in a closed, ultra-elite historical mint event. Bet you didn't see that one coming. View the collection.

Genesis Mints Out

When the Karmeleons mint out, the community will have earned the underdog bragging rights of the entire NFT space. What comes next? Let's decide together…

Since the mint dropped, the Karmeleons have planted over 2,000 trees worldwide, forever offsetting ~101,000 lbs of CO₂ per year.

The Team

Meet the folks behind all this karmic energy.

Karmelo Karmelo Creator/Artist

jacksonbiggs jacksonbiggs Community Leader/Legend

rΞsource rΞsource Community Leader/Stats Master

DblJackDiamond DblJackDiamond Solidity Dev